Thank you for coming to this page I can see that curiosity got the better of you and you clicked the ? which is exactly what you were supposed to do just to get you here in the first place, yes I know it was sneaky but thats me all over is'nt it

Now that you here please have a good look at the page, there are services and offers here that may be of some use to you, I certainly endorse all of them and I have personally purchased some of them as well. The advertisments on this page are all related to either the theatre, music, making surfing the web easier, or cash earning opportunities, please have a look that's all I ask, thanks.
And now for something completley different.

This advertisment is one that I think may be quite beneficial to you if you have a site with an url something like the correct url for this site which is :


Or if you want the REALLY long one :
You should be hearing Bach's "Toccata and Fugue",
(which I downloaded from a wonderful site called Midistudio, click on MIDISTUDIOS to take you there)
whilst you look around this page . If you can't hear it then click on the following link to take you a free player download that will let you, but before you go put this page in your "favorites" column and then come back later, Thanks.
Microsoft Media Player
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Which ever one you use they are both a mouthfull and very easily mistyped, the above links do not actually work, but this one,  and the next one do and if you click on them you will eventually get re-connected to the homepages of this site or my personal website proving that these easily remembered addressess work, another way you can check that the addressess work is to click on "file", (top left hand corner of your screen) then click "open", and then type in  or in the space and then click "ok", you will again be taken to either the homepage of this site or my personal website.
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Domain names like or or cannot just be used by any Tom Dick or Harry as when they feel like it, these names have to be brought from specialist companies and the advert below for a company called Easily is one such company, the main difference is that they only charge £9.99  for a and that fee covers you for 2 years (.net and .org are also available but cost more), you can actually type in the name you want to use and you will then be told if that name is available or not, you then pay your money via your plastic and hey presto you've got a www name instead of all that type of stuff above.

Just click anywhere in the Easily banner below take you to the Easily site, and if you buy one of the domain names I get a commision, thank you
Go directly to the product text by clicking on their titles here.
may be able to help you here as they have over 304000 titles to choose from and you can try to find them directly from your computer and purchase them as well.

In addition to sheetmusic you can also buy all manner of music related bits and pieces from cymbals to metronomes and everything else in between.

It has to be worth a click on the link to the immediate right or to the one in the middle of this text.
(Mozart with something in his eye)
If your anything like me then you have had to purchase sheetmusic, and you've probably found out what a pain in the whatsit it is, you go to one shop on the other side of the city only to find that they have'nt got it or even worse you buy it from them only to find that the shop closest to you has it at half the price, well this company
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Please turn on your computers speakers, you should be able to hear some music. If you cannot hear anything with them on click here
Get Your Own Domain Name.
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Do you need : make-up, dancing shoes, costumes, studio hire, and in fact anything to do with presenting a show? then have a look here.
The Ealing Dance Centre and Studio is a shop dedicated to dance and all things theatrical, they can supply you with all the essential things that you may want, from a single lipstick right the way up to 100 childrens skeleton costumes should you need them, and of course everything else in between including Bridal and Communion, Haberdashery, a fully equipped dance studio, and dance classes as well. Pop over to their site by clicking the link below.