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1st February 2014

News Update

Having finished 2013 with a very succesful Christmas production called "Nunsense" at Ruslip Methodist Church we move into 2014 starting our next production "Best Of British" to be staged at the Winston Churchill Hall in Ruislip from 5th June for 3, maybe 4 shows.

Click on this link for more details.

16th July 2011

News Update

We performed "West End To Broadway" on the 7th, 8th & 9th July 2011 to sell out audiences at The Compass Theatre, the show was a huge success and we received lots and lots of rave reviews anyone we spoke to who came to see it, loads of "post show" blues within the ranks of the members of Showcase as I write this as they are missing the show.

However the blues will not be around for too long as the next show, a panto (with a difference) was cast last night, this will be staged in December at our rehearsal venue, more about this later.

27th April 2011

News Update.

Rehearsals are well under way for our next production, "West End To Broadway" at The Compass Theatre on the 7th, 8th & 9th July 2011, it's a story of a broadway company trying to put together a show and it has a number of characters who will tell the story, in esscence we will be performng sets from some 5 musicals and it is coming along well.

On the 2nd April we performed our second outing off the Murder Mystery Evening "Murder At The Manor" at Ickenham village hall to a packed out audience, it was well received and the night raised lots of money for a charity as well as us receiving a fee for our services, I believe we have also been hired to stage the MME at another venue later this year as well.

We continue to attract new members and I believe we are up to very nearly 40 onstage members at the moment.

10th December 2010
News Update.

What an extremely busy year 2010 turned out to be with 3 productions, 2 involving the full company with the 3rd one about 6 or so.

We performed Viva Las Vegas at The Compass Theatre over 2 days in the summer, a fantastic production off all types of songs from many artists who have performed in Vegas over the decades, hard work but a wonderful and critically acclaimed production.

Then "Murder At The Manor" a fun filled and well attended murder mystery evening with clues and red herrings a plenty and staged by just a handful of members who all worked very hard and delivered the show just as it should be delivered with a tongue in cheek seriousness.

Then finally onto our Christmas shows, with performances at Waddeson Manor and Fairlawn Hall in December.

Oh and for good measure we even managed a number of rehearsals for our 2011 summer production as well.

We attracted a number of new members along the way and I am glad to say that things are looking well for the company at the moment.

22 December 2009

News Update.

We performed our "Christmas Spectacular" concert at The Compass theatre last night, we pre-sold some 90 seats but the counties west of London were hit with a snow storm late afternoon and early evening and the whole area ground to a halt, only about half of the pre-sold audience turned up which is a great pity as they missed a cracking show, a selection of standard Christmas carols along with an array of very unusual and one off company pieces and all in all an enjoyable experience. Now on to "Vegas"!!!!!, oh and a Murder Mystery evening as well, see HERE for more details of both.

23 November 2009

News Update.

Recently we held a party to celebrate Maureen's 80th birthday and at the same time we celebrated Angela's 70th, a great time was held by all and the 2 ladies concerned were well and truly taken aback by it as they had no idea it was going to happen, many past members turned up for the double celebration and it really was good to see so many friends once more.

We move with the times and as can be seen on the Homepage  we are now have a facebook and we have another website running alongside this one, links to both of them are on the HOMEPAGE.

6th January 2009.

News Update.

In 2008 we had a very busy year performing 2 productions, "Songs From The Silver Screen", a review type show staged at The Compass Theatre in June 2008 were we sang and danced to something in excess of 30 songs from many films and shows, we then went on in the months leading up to Christmas 2008, to perform in numerous venues, a well staged Christmas themed set of concerts called "A Very Jazzy Christmas", this was a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and songs along with a set of carols with a definite Jazz & Rock influence, very unusual and again well received. We are about to start rehearsing our next production, at the moment the working name for this is "Decades", it will involve sining and dancing to songs from each decade from the 40's to the 90's and indeed beyond, a step away from the usual type of review/concert, it promises to be something a bit special as a result.

26th February 2008.

News Update.

We are slowly but surley regaining our financial footing following losses in the last 2 major productions that were staged at The Compass Theatre, and whilst we are not yet able to stage a fully fledged musical we are back into a theatre for our next production "Songs From The Silver Screen". This will be a small series of concerts that will be on at The Compass theatre in Ickenham in June 2008.

We staged a series of concerts last year and other money raising events that have got us back onto our feet and the company as a whole have worked hard to acheive this, we will continue in this vein and hopefully to make us even more secure and then we go on from there.

11th February 2007.

News Update

It once again has been a long time since this page was updated. Since the last entry we staged a very successful production of "Bye Bye Birdie" but regrettably we made a loss on it, so much so in fact that we now have to raise funds in order to stage another major production, plans are in hand to do this.

A new commitee was recently elected and details of that commitee can be seen HERE

9th December 2005

News Update

It is with great pleasure I announce that our longest serving active member, Maureen Price, recently accepted the role of President of ShOwCase following the sad death of our former president Vincent McQueen in November. Maureen has been treading the ShOwCase boards since the late 50's and continues to do so being very active in our last production "Summer Holiday" just a few weeks ago.

"Bye Bye Birdie" is to be our next main show in October 2006, more about this will be in the "Next Production" page in due course.

At a recent E.G.M. it was decided that from April 2006 a new "rules regime" would come into effect to include, amongst many other items, a new membership fee structure, more about this will appear in the membership page over the next few months.

9th November 2005
News Update

It has been some time since news was added here so there is quite a lot to say.

A new committee is now in place following our last A.G.M, for details of the members of the new commitee please go to THIS PAGE.

On Saturday 5th November 2005 we completed a hugely succsseful run in The Compass Theatre of "Summer Holiday" and with the exception of the first night (when we were about half full) we had all but full houses, the audiences in all performances were off the feet and really enjoying the show and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Our next production is being sought as this message is typed, news of it will appear here soon.

It is with deep regret I have to annouce the death of our long standing president Mr Vincent McQueen, Vincent was a loyal servant to Showcase and over his long association with the company he had performed many many roles, a true gentleman who will be sadly missed by all members and ex-members of Showcase.

1st February 2005

New Rehearsal venue

Regrettably we have been forced to move our Friday reherasal venue once more, please go to THIS PAGE for full details.

Summer Holiday

I can now confirm that our next main production, in November 2005 will be the new musical "Summer Holiday", based on the 1960's Cliff Richard film of the same name, this is a wonderful show with lots of well known songs in it and we are very confident it will be a big hit, we have a director, Dave Roberts and auditions are to be on June 12th.

24th November 2004

Members Only Page

A new "Members Only" information page has been set up on "Yahoo" for the benefit of those ShOwCase members who have access to the internet, ShOwCase members have to register with the "Yahoo Groups" Page first but once on they will be able to receive messages, information, news, and more almost immediatley as it posted.

Members can also post their own messages for all other members to see.

It is a very handy tool and will be an asset in communicating at short notice to members.

The relevant page IS HERE

New Commitee

On the 12th November an extra-ordinary A.G.M. was held to select a committee, this item was left over from our A.G.M. on the 30th July 2004 for the sake of continuity for "Hello Dolly.

It is with regret that I have to report that our existing chairman, Mike Jeffrey, along with his wife and commitee member Mary Jeffrey, resigned from the committee.

I would like to publically thank them both for the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication they have both shown over the years to ShOwCase and long may they continue to be with us.

At the same meeting Fiona Bailey, our treasurer for such a long time also decided to step down and again I cannot thank her enough for her dedication too.

Ann Parfitt was not re-elected on this occasion, but in the words of Arnie - "She'll Be Back"

Thank you on behalf of ShOwCase to all four of you.

I welcome on to the commitee Bill Michell as our treasurer, and Sarah Jay and Nina Barr as commitee members. I would also thank the ShOwCase members for re-electing me, Eddie Hinds, as chairman, I am humbled an honoured.

The full commitee can be seen on the commitee page HERE.  
Hello Dolly

From Tuesday 2nd to Saturday 6th November 2004 we performed "Hello Dolly" at The Compass Theatre in Ickenham near Uxbridge.

The run was a resounding success with all but full houses every night excepting the Tuesday performance, and as that is usually a dress rehearsal night the 40 or so people who were in that night were indeed an extra 40 that we wouldn't normally have had.

Everybody worked very hard both before and during the run and that was one of the key elements in it's success.

We now hope to build on "Dolly" and do even better for our next main production.

8th July 2004


This years A.G.M will be held at our Friday rehearsal venue on July 30th at 7.30 pm.

Hello Dolly

"Dolly" rehearsals are well under way and are going well, we have a very good production team on board and things are looking (& sounding) good. Following a very good audition night the show is now fully cast with Christine Harvey being cast as "Dolly"

15th March 2004

The Card and "Hello Dolly"

"The Card" was performed at The Compass Theatre in February 2004, we probably sold 75% of all the available seats. It has to be said that for various reasons it was not our best show and fell flat in a few areas, which was a great shame as everyone worked so hard on it.

Our next production is bound to be a big hit, we will be staging "Hello Dolly" at The Compass Theatre in November 2004, it is envisaged that we will attract some new members for this show and indeed that is the case as a couple of new members have shown up already. Go to the "Current Production" page for more details.

26th August 2003.

The Card

The performance dates for this production have now been moved to February 2004, more details will follow.

New Committee

Following the July 2003 A.G.M. a new committee was elected, see COMMITEE PAGE for full details.

11th June 2003.

The Melody Lingers On

We completed a very successful run of "The Melody Lingers On" on Saturday 7th June, the revue was well received by the audiences who had nothing but praise for it, regrettably audience numbers were on the low side for 2 out of the 4 performances.

We now go on to our next production which is to be "The Card" and rehearsals start straight away with auditions on July 11th 2003, The Card will be performed from 29th October to 1st November 2003 at The Compass Theatre.


This years A.G.M. will take place on Friday 25th July at our usual rehearsal venue.

Spring 2004 Production

The committee will be meeting very shortly to decide on our spring 2004 production, it is hoped that we can come up with something suitable very soon.

28th April 2003

Next Production Update

We have had to postpone "Kiss Me Kate" because of a lack of rehearsal time, instead our next production will be "The Card".

24th January 2003

Next Productions

I can now confirm that our next production is to be "The Melody Lingers On" as stated in the last entry for 18th November, this will be performed in June 2003, when that production finishes we immediately go on to rehearsals for "Kiss Me Kate" which will be performed in November 2003, then in spring 2004 we will perform "The Card" followed by "Fiddler On the Roof" in November 2004.

18th November 2002

Blitz and next productions.

We recently staged BLITZ at The Compass Theatre in Ickenham. I am very happy to report that we had full houses for all 5 performances and it was a great show to be involved in, a great success for Showcase.

Our next productions are likely to be :

The Melody Lingers On - a tribute concert to Irving Berlin to be performed in June 2003 at The Compass Theatre.

The following 3 shows are shortlisted for November 2003 or April 2004 : The CardKiss Me Kate / The Wind In The Willows /

Fiddler On The Roof is scheduled for November 2004.

31st January 2002.

New Rehearsal Venue

It looks very much like that over the next few weeks we will be relocating our rehearsal venue to a church hall in Gosling Close, Greenford, MAP LINK HERE, you will find an arrow in the very centre of the map when you get there showing where Gosling Close is.

The reasons for the move are twofold, firstly we are finding the room in our present venue very cramped, and secondly the noise from the corridors outside the room is getting worse and worse. More details will follow on the move soon.

25 th January 2002.

Next Productions.

It was decided at a recent committee meeting that our next major production would be Lionel Bart's "Blitz". Blitz is set in the east end of London during the 2nd world war and tells the story of two families and how they coped both during the war and when a member of each family fell for one another which was opposed by the elders of each family. There is fantastic and very strong music in it and it promises to be a good show.

In addition to Blitz we are currently rehearsing for a show dedicated to Richard Rodgers's (of Rodgers & Hammerstein & Rodgers & Hart) centenary this year. it too is full of music from all the wonderfull musicals written by both of these very talented sets of songwriters.

We are also looking to stage either "Wind In The Willows" or maybe "Alice In Wonderland" as our main production for 2003 and for 2004 we are hoping to stage "Fiddler On The Roof".

We have an Old Time Music Hall concert to perform in March this year and we are looking for further bookings from a British Legion venue in Essex as well as a venue in Norwood Green in Southall.

We will be defending the trophys we won in last years Greenford and Hayes carnivals, these carnivals take place in July.

All in all we have a full schedule of events and I havent even mentioned our social calender, which is also very active.

29 th December 2001.

Jack The Ripper

Our run of Jack The Ripper in November 2001 was a huge success, we played to very nearly full house's for the whole run, and we even made a small profit which will be ploughed straight into our next production, "CLEVER DICK".

It is proving a bit difficult to come up with a show for our run at the Ickenham theatre in October 2002 but we will get there, eventually. meanwhile plans are well under way for various activities in 2003, watch this space.

2nd August 2001


The annual AGM took place on Friday 27th July 2001 and as usual a number of important issues were ratified.

Most important of these must be that we have decided to change the name of the company to SHOWCASE,  this name is a complete break away from the names SOC and Southall Operatic Company, the names we have been known as since our inception in 1947, well at first sight it would appear that would be the case but if SHOWCASE is written something like this :


it can be seen that far from losing our identity we are still showing who we are whilst at the same time gaining a new and modern name.

A new commitee was also formed, go here for it's new make up.

Our treasurer reported that subscriptions where not covering rehearsal expenses and so members elected to increase subs to £3 and £1.50.

In the two weeks before the AGM, SOC entered 2 Carnivals, the Hayes and Greenford carnivals, our float won a second at the Hayes carnival and joint first at the Greenford carnival.

28th April 2001


Auditions for "Jack The Ripper" took place tonight, the full cast list can be seen by clicking HERE .

We are also rehearsing for a series of concerts to be held in June and they are going very well.

A number of social events are planned for the summer period , keep watching this space.

5th March 2001

Next Production

After many meetings by the commitee with our musical director we eventually come up with a show for our next production, it is to be "Jack The Ripper". Please go to our "Next Production" page for more details.

14th January 2001

Wizard Of Oz, A Great Success.

Yesterday,13th January 2001,  saw the final performance of our production of The Wizard Of Oz at the Compass Theatre, I can tell you that the show was a resounding success, very rough and unconfirmed statistics indicate that each performance was 90% sold out and indeed we had to turn people away on some performances as there where no seats available. The team spirit that was present backstage had to be seen to be believed, it is fantastic to report that all the new members referred to in the 24th October entry just below here have indicated that they will be staying with the company as they were so impressed with what we have all just achieved over the last week and indeed in the weeks leading up to show week, we have aquirred a fabulous group of people, particularly a very talented "bunch" of youngters aged from 8 to15 and I am so happy that these Junior members are still with us as I have no doubt they will all be a great asset to the company.

24th October 2000

Wizard Of Oz Rehearsals/New members/
Other Performancess

The rehearsals for The Wizard are proceeding well with both the principals rehearsals on Mondays and the full cast rehearsals on Fridays. Sian Clifford, who was originally cast as Dorothy, decided that she was unable to do the part and so Louise Bough was asked if she would take up the challenge and I am glad to say that she accepted.

It is very encouraging to say that we have recruited so many new members since our move to Yeading (see entry below for 3rd July)
we are now about to open a waiting list for new members as we are just about full, we do need a few more sopranos and, as usual loads more men, if you're interested get in touch now before it's too late.

We have a full programme of events over the next few months with Old Time Music Hall concerts on 16th and 18th November as well as Christmas concerts on the 2nd, 9th, and possibly 16th December, there may also be another Old Time Music Hall concert in February as we await confirmation from a community centre that may want us.
1st October 2000
Wizard Of Oz

It is now confirmed that the Wizard Of Oz will be our next major production, the show will be performed at the Compass theatre, Ickenham from the 11th to the 13th of January,with a matinee on the 13th.

Auditions for the show took place on the 29th September 2000 at our rehearsal venue at Yeading Community Centre at 7.30 pm.

3rd July 2000
A. G. M.

At the recent AGM held on the 30th July 2000, a number of important issues were resolved. They were (and in no particular order) as follows :

New Commitee.

A new commitee was elected, click HERE to go to the commitee page to see it's composition.

Rehearsal Venue.

The management of Southall Community Centre, the site of our present rehearsal venue, in there wisdom or otherwise, have, over the last few years, let the main hall out to a number of different groups for dances, disco's and the like on Fridays. Some of the people who either attend these functions or are in the area as a result of them are found to be very frightning, threatning, and intimidating.

It was decided that because of fears for the safety of members attending Southall Communiy Centre for Friday night rehearsals, and because a number of members cars have already been broken into, that we would find another venue to rehearse at.

To this end we will be rehearsing at Yeading Community Centre for the rehearsal on Friday 15th July and if the members so dictate we will make this our regular rehearsal venue.

There are (hoped for) added bonuses that go with this move if it comes off, they are as follows :

1. It is hoped that prospective new members may well be attracted to this new venue as it is felt that prospective new members are not attracted to Southall Community Centre, especially if they make their first visit on a night when there is a disco/dance on and the situation is as described in the above paragraph.

2. There is an active community feeling at the new venue, indeed the other organisations that meet there attend one anothers functions and they all get togther for barbecues etc.

3. The housing estate that is served by the community centre is already a large one, however it will over the next few years increase in it's size due to the building of about 500 new houses, these factors indicate a good source of potential new members as well as audiences for our various shows.

4. The staff and members of the community centre are extremly nice people, couple this with the fact that there is a bar at the community centre as well meaning that SOC members can meet either before or after rehearsals socially, something which is impossible to do at the moment. (oh and the beer is very cheap).

Life Members.

Three of our members, Audrey Smith, Maureen Price, and Angela Barnes have between them well over 100 years membership of SOC. It was decided by an absolute majority of all present at the AGM, and as a small token of our esteem, to make all three of the ladies Life Members. This creditation has only been awarded to 3 other people in the whole of SOC's 53 years.