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It's not quite "Join Us Online", but a relatively easy way for you to contact us. You can add details of yourself below here by clicking the various "Radio Button" boxes and by typing in your information, when you are happy with your answers just click the "Send Information" button at the bottom.
The tick boxes below this text are asking you what type of voice you have, just click in the one you think you are and a little tick will appear showing that as your selection.

As a bit of a guide, a "Soprano" voice is a ladies voice that can really hit the high notes, an "Alto" voice is also a ladies voice but one that can't quite reach the same high notes as a "Soprano" can. Transversely a "Soprano" cannot comfortably get the low notes that an "Alto" can.

Likewise with the mens voices. A "Tenor" voice is a mans voice than can reach quite high notes for a man. A "Bass" voice is a mans voice that can comfortably reach deep low notes but cannot reach the high notes that  a "Tenor" can, on the other hand a "Tenor" voice will struggle to get the deep low notes that a "Bass" can get.

Confused???, doesn't really matter if you not too sure, click the "Not Sure" box, we'll find out soon enough.
You should be able to answer these 3 questions relatively easily hopefully.

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In this box you can tell us anything else at all that you want too, for example any experience you may have, you can also tell us if you have no experience at all. You may wish to ask a question, please feel free to do just that, in fact you put anything you like in this box.
3. Please type your age into this line.
By clicking the "Send Information" button below here all you have typed above will be sent to a ShOwCase member, if you click the "Reset" button everything you have typed in will be erased and you'll have to start all over again.
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