We completed a very successful run of "Jack the Ripper" in November 2001. On this page are rehearsal and Show photos of the cast
Jack The Ripper
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This is Ann Parfitt (who is wearing glasses) and Sue Madden. Ann was one of our costume ladies and can be seen here showing a costume to Sue, who was the leading lady as she was cast as "Marie".
The 2 unsavoury characters in the photo above are myself Eddie Hinds and Phil Durtnall, my character was called "Dinky Nine Eighths" whilst Phil's was "The Police Sergeant", you'll be glad to know that I am actually in costume as can be seen from the photo below. I'm afraid that in the photo below padding is not used !!!!
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Here you can see Mike Jeffrey -"Druitt", the ladies from left to right are Sue Madden, Christine Harvey -  "Annie", Susanna Diggines - "Martha" and Maria Green a member of the chorus.
These are our fantastic youngsters who all worked really hard, from left to right we have Rosanna McHugh, Louise Handley, Vikki Winter, Christpher Durtnall, and Samantha Karlstine.
Mary Jeffrey, sitting having a rest during rehearsals. Mary was also our costume lady. The young lady in the middle of this trio is Josephine McHugh - "Polly" and to her right is her sister Rosanna.
Here we can see from left to right, Steven Harvey who ws our front of house manager, in the middle is Alf Edminson a chorus member and finally Steven Lethbridge our rehearsal pianist, all taking a well earned break.
To the left we can see Sue Madden rehearsing one of her songs with members of the chorus looking on.
The above photgraph is that of our late and sadly missed president, Vincent McQueen. In "Jack" Vincent was "The Chairman, a role which I think must have been written especially for him as he was so good at it, his wife Joan looks on.
Sue & Susanna (Sue is wearing the featherd hat) with the Salvation Army girls Vicki & Sam, who is holding the tambourine.
This is Susanna on her own.