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Thank you so much for coming to the ShOwCase site. Further on down this page you will find a number of buttons, clicking on any of the working ones will take you to all corners of the site and indeed elsewhere as well, from this it can be seen that this is a fairly large setup that extends some considerable way beyond this, the Homepage, and if you are to look at all of it
(and you are going to are'nt you?) then it will take you some time.

All the pages you will go to on the site have a link on them called "Homepage", clicking on  that link will bring you back to this page enabling you to view other pages by clicking on another button. Enjoy.
ShOwCase is a well established and long standing amateur musical company based in Ruislip, West London. There are links below this text to all areas of the site, please feel free to click on any of them and then email me with any comments, criticisms , or suggestions that you may have, they will gladly be accepted.
Please please please, do visit and sign the GuestBook by clicking on the GuestBook button below because if you don't how will I know that you have been?
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Some of the backgrounds, buttons, graphics, and other bits and pieces used on the pages of this site are from the following  companies, they are free to use and very easy to download,  please pay them a visit if you are building a music related site of your own.
SKDesigns.          Music Graphics Galore.
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You should be able to hear a piece of  called "I Dreamed A Dream" ,  it's from "Les Miserables". If you cannot hear it even with your speakers on you probably need to download a "player" to let you. Find out more about internet music and getting it onto your site by going to the  History page on this site where there is more information and a link to a site that you can download a player from.
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