The Sacred Heart Church
73 Pembroke Road
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Click the arrow in the above "Boombox"and you should  hear some music. If you cannot hear any music download the player that will let you by clicking on the following Microsoft link, this page should remain in the background when you go but just in case you lose it put it in your "Favorites" folder before you go so's that you can come back here after you have downloaded the player.
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This is the page of the main ShOwCase rehearsal venue.
On this page you will find details of how to get to the venue by car and public transport.

The full address of the rehearsal venue is :

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Nearby buses within a 5 minute walk are as follows.
114, 398 H13, U1, E7, 331 U10.

Nearest Mainline Overground station is:
West Ruislip.

Nearest underground station is:
Ruislip Manor.
Ruislip Manor is on the Piccadilly & Metropolitan lines